Atheist Howard Storm, Professor, Preacher — Testimony of Hell.

This born again Christian is ignorant it’s not his fault He just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

I could tell him Christ is a betrayer and the Devil’s in control but I doubt he would believe me.

He starts in almost immediately with browbeating character assassination he says he’s here to tell you. that if you don’t believe in God that doesn’t mean you don’t have a God your God is you. You think you’re God you got the puniest most worthless God there is yourself.

Storm a Born again Christian has no defense. Stuck between his own philosophy and the philosophy of religion that he’s always been exposed to. When confronted by this group he can only come to one conclusion there must be a God and he’s been wrong all this time but what has he experienced? Because he’s been conditioned to see this from one narrow view when he’s confronted with what he demanded to believe he has no defense against it.

Understanding the Weapons of this Attack and the numerous ways these weapons are implemented, is of imperative importance. Storm talks about how they’re exquisite at debasing tormenting demeaning and destroying you. He says the physical pain does not begin to measure up to the psychological-emotional tearing down every ounce of ego and pride and hope that you have.

Painted slightly different this is the same modus operandi they use in all their supposed out-of-body experiences I’ve been stating right along with the technology they have it’s easy for them to play on your emotions to make you believe what you’re experiencing is real but this is their technology at work this is what tricks people up because they’re not prepared they don’t understand how this group operates.

He says we’re Pathetic, Worthless, Filthy that You have to Beg Christ to enter our lives This is always been how they want you to think of yourself filthy worthless submissive can you see the evil of this group.

It is Alarming that The World Cannot Understand What Is Unfolding Right In Front Of Their Eyes.

★ Atheism is about belief or, specifically, what you don’t believe. Agnosticism is about knowledge or, specifically, about what you don’t know.

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