You have no idea what’s coming.

These words I post the likes of which you will never hear in the halls of Academia.

The world doesn’t see how they infiltrate how they saturate how they slither through the very fabric of our existence!

The Devil explained in Genesis with the Garden of Eden. That his plan of attack would be a snake and that he would slither for the rest of time. This is tongue-in-cheek the Devil was not told he would Slither through our reality. The Devil and the betrayers wrote the book he’s telling you how he’s going to attack through the very fabric of our existence like a snake stealthily meandering throughout the World devouring whom It will manipulate and reinforcing others. The Garden of Eden never existed as the Bible describes it. The garden was them teaching their future population how to survive the biblical story is a truth hidden in a lie. 

This is how it is throughout the Bible truths hidden in lies. Christ is another truth hidden in a lie the Christ in the Bible was an unfortunate victim of the Devil and Christ. He believed he would be freed from the cross in a blaze of glory. That’s why he cried out father why have you forsaken me. He thought the kingdom of heaven was at hand starting with him being saved from the cross.

And that’s exactly how they’ll play what will be happening to us in the near future. To those further in the future they’ll put a divinity touch on what happens. What happens in our near future will not seem divinely inspired it’ll be seen as it is a  flesh and blood reality. In order for them to accomplish their objectives killing Our Father things will have to get a lot worse and they’ll take the time to make it so. They know who their true devoted followers are. And they know no matter how bad it gets they’ll still believe. They’ll use them like they use everything they’re grooming them shooting for those who will Shouts Glory to God as they vaporizer the World.

There is no absolute way to know what your Enemy is going to do. But if you know your enemy and you know its mode of Attack. You can narrow down the probabilities. But you have to be willing to Accept That You Have An Enemy

 I’m trying to warn you! You have no idea what’s coming and you’re not ready!

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