To God, they build!

To God they build Basilica Cathedrals Chapels Churches Monasteries Monuments Mosques Synagogues Shrines Temples, etc. 

They have ceremonial gatherings every day thousands gather at churches and other religious places to worship. Everywhere you go they are pushing God big buildings, big monuments. In practically every movie God’s mentioned the US, has God written on the money. All the time you hear how much God loves you. How you must obey God how you must get on your knees and worship God. But a serious look at God and Religion needs to happen this is not a natural occurrence! It is not natural that Countries, not one Country it’s Country after Country to have this phenomenon and the same mindset that goes with it! This phenomenon and its magnitude can not by any stretch of the imagination be considered a natural normal occurrence. People do not insist that you believe to the extent that they insist you believe. It just is not a natural phenomenon that Billions of people currently insist after thousands of years of documented history of no compassionate involvement. That God is actively involved in your life, is curing diseases that sit in their living room, and has a thing for paying electric bills. It is not a natural phenomenon that highly educated people around the World stand up and say God is real. Saying you must get on your knees you have to Worship and Worship more! You must beg and you must obey it is impossible for this to be a “Normal Natural Occurrence.” It is not a normal natural occurrence for billions of people to say a “Killing, Tormenting” God loves and cares for you!

Somehow this needs to be taken out of the madness and honest questions of this unnatural phenomenon must be asked. But if asking the question is almost psychologically impossible how would we overcome a psychologically unacceptable answer? The phenomenon of this magnitude of unnaturalness may never be acknowledged, the answer to the conditioned mind may be as impossible for him to reach as it would be to accept. People need to look to the ugliness that has underlined and Define these Abrahamic Religions! And as importantly they must look at other religions, the cold hate within all previous religions. A good example would be the Mayans the ripping out of hearts to appease their God. Where was the God of love when this horrendous religion was in full practice?

There are forces of manipulation the World does not want and cannot acknowledge or accept. Virtually everywhere you go, there are Religious groups saying derogatory contemptuous hateful things against their fellow man they hold you in contempt without even knowing you. In some countries, God is virtually forced on you. You are forced to worship a God and you can’t speak out against it. Where is this so-called God of love, why doesn’t he speak out against forced servitude and hate! For the same reason that God didn’t speak out against the worshipers when they ripped innocent people’s hearts out. The God of today will not race to save the innocent of today. And the reason is that that’s not what God’s about, that’s not what God has ever been about! God isn’t an existence, he’s a concept for absolute manipulation and absolute obedience! The religion of the past were the “Test Fields” of what is accepted in the minds of man! Manipulations of forces entrench the religious and non-religious into a manipulation of mind. That takes them into the darkness of reason preventing them from grasping and accepting the truth.

The Devil and Christ have saturated the World with religion. They work with Subliminal and DNA manipulation the Devil, and Christ motivate those who can motivate others through so-called divine intervention. 

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