MIckey Rooney’s Visitation by an Angel

Excerpts from a television broadcast where Mickey Rooney was asked to share about his visitation from an Angel.

Angels are a strategical lie thought up by the Devil and Christ. They are the Devil and Christ’s fall guys they are a needed justification in their play of deception. In their explanation of why God has been gone so long, the Fallen Angels will play a big part. There are a lot of people being played out there for a lot of different reasons. And all People can say is they don’t live in reality. The reality is You will never grasp what’s going on here because you won’t admit you don’t have a clue what reality really is. 

Whether or not MIckey Rooney was religious when this incident happened isn’t clear but it doesn’t matter because Mickey like so many others have been conditioned to see this all in a spiritual way so when encounters like this happen they have no choice but to believe it is divine intervention when it’s anything–but.

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