The Devil! God! Allah! Christ! Are on the move!

And You’re All Lined Up To Help Them!

World leaders,  emerge from the masses, conditioned minds twisted and manipulated. They boast and toast their greatness and wisdom! For thousands of years, many have allowed themselves to be led by the few! Thousands of years nothing but abuse! Manipulations constantly push the World in a certain direction! And nothing but the bare necessities for the people that they control and that support them. Infrastructures left to go to ruin! Health Services are marginal, minimum medical always! Research! Badly-needed research for medical cures is put to one side because missiles are more important! 

And the people in these countries, East and West, line up behind these manipulated leaders! Follow them blindly even to their death in the thousands! And now a new movement is getting ready! And everyone will lineup behind their leaders, their religious leaders. They scream “God!” has appointed them! God speaks to them! God leads them to direct us!

This is an illness! a sickness! a mental illness! a disease of an evil being! None of this comes from a loving God. That’s a mental illness running rapid in the World! With the support of the Devil, and a small group all for the purpose of, killing Our Father, and killing you! No Eternity! No Heavenly Bliss! Nothing But Death! Is what they Plan, what they have in Store for You! They’ll spin you around they’ll attack you through your weaknesses they’ll pray on your hopes.

And yet, you, get behind them! And you march to this empty God! To this threatening God! Never thinking never bothering to say, what “Manner of Being” is this! No God stands there! And when God/Devil does, He will have You standing at a distance! He’ll have you at a disadvantage in a chokehold, praying to intercessors, to pray on your behalf! Obey, obey, obey! You’ll be constantly told. And constant worship, hours on hours endless (some people like that idea) day after day after day! Doing exactly as we’re told! Until we are no more until the world has done exactly what the Devil and those who stand with him want to accomplish, and then Death is Inevitable!

I can’t Emphasize this Enough! This is so hard for You to See. Because of what the Devil has done to You! To This World! Your minds have been attacked! Infested! Compromised! That’s why this God seems reasonable realistic to you! No, this God is the Devil, that talks in people’s heads either as God or the Devil this is what people are experiencing. They are by no means the only hope they demand you believe to eternal life they are in actuality a path that leads only to our death.

We are more than You can imagine and are willing to believe! People are so unaware of what they’re up against they have no defense when they’re confronted by it. I try to bring that awareness so they’ll have that defense.

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