All the religious say God is so loving!

All the religious say God is so loving! And all he wants to do is leave dead people all over the place

All lovey-dovey God likes to Set People Up! so he can Torment an Murder Them!

Therefore God sends them ★a strong delusion★ so that they may ★believe what is false★ ★in order★  that all may be ★condemned★ who did not believe the truth. (The truth being that God exists  he doesn’t)   No, not very loving! Just more garbage! But then it never was about love anyhow! No matter how you slice it, Set Up and Condemn! That’s the words of evil from an evil mind!

These aren’t the words of a kindly old God these are the words of a cold-blooded killer. The Devil searches the minds alright but he’s not using Cosmic mysticism he’s using technology to do it.

FOCUS, it could save your life!

Focus on the hate! Focus on the indifference! Focus on the lack of intervention. Then maybe, you will see the truth! This is hate this is ugliness this is blatant arrogance. This is fear being used not love. 

So many can’t see (religious and non-religious) can’t comprehend that all Religions are a cunning lie of the Devil’s.

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