You have an Enemy!

You have an Enemy but You, Do Not Know It!

You Are Under Assault but You, Do Not Know It! Your enemy the Devil you have heard of but you, do not know of it. You would not even know anything about the Devil, but the Devil needs you to know of itself.

It has You! But You Don’t Know It!

You think the Devil is just a story to scare children. You think it is a lie you think the Devil is a joke. You think only fools believe it. The Atheist thinks their immune from such foolishness but the first time Christ is in front of them they’ll be on their knees like a Christian. You have no understanding they can compel you to kneel they can compel the knees to buckle. This is technology at work.

The Devil told you a lie! and you believe it. He told you lots of lies, and you believe it. You took everything it said, and you believe it!

The Devil told You it was here to deceive You about God, and You believed it. The Devil is deceiving You! God is a lie of the Devil’s!

You have Been Deceived! The Time is Coming! They have been Preparing You!

It’s right in front of you! But you don’t know it!

The Devil lied! There are no Angels!

So we hear all the reasons why the Devil did what he did. But they throw in a third of the Angels! What’s up with that?

When there’s no sin entering heaven, and God is such a loving warm wonderful fellow everybody is up there praising his name so what’s up with the Third? No one can come up with an explanation that can explain how an infinite being of love could ever possibly have angels that he created to instantly know his will. That would all of a sudden turnaround and try to kill him! It would appear the Devil dug a hole, but couldn’t figure out how to fill it in with his usual garbage! With no worries, he left it to speculation.

The Devil needs you to believe in him as a powerful adversary of God and the controller of multitudes of powerful angels. Although the Devil is powerful in technology he is not a Cosmic power. Nor does he controlled any angels they are a strategic ploy for a later date. This is just the beginning this is just laying the groundwork for what seems preposterous at this stage but won’t seem so impossible in the future. A large percentage of the population will be chipped in and raptured out (killed where they stand)  fanatically devote Christians will be the majority left. This is when Christ and the Devil will reveal the plan necessary to defeat a power as great as God himself. This plan will call for the consumption of the planet. This is the true purpose of the multitude of angels that supposedly joined with the Devil and became demons.

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