You’re Worshiping A Hostel Cold Minded Entity!

You’re Worshiping a Hostel Cold Minded Entity! That’s Planning to Kill You!

Understand, The Devil would not have done what he did! If the Devil thought he was going to lose!

I’m trying to get You to Understand the Magnitude of What is Happening, and What is Going to Happen. What’s At Stake! It is not that this is too big for you to see. It is that your “mind has been compromised.” You just, can not realize that this has happened. You can not see the folly of your thinking. You have been told a lie! God has been introduced/entrenched into your mind there is a reason why!

We have a very Serious Problem and the Ramifications are Quite Profound!

I hope you can understand what it implies by having something like the Devil, having such Control Over So Many People in this World.

This is something that needs Serious Serious Consideration. Religion, God there’s a very Sinister very Evil reason why Billions are on their Knees to this Empty, Indifferent God!

The World is Indeed Asleep!

In a Deep Deadly Sleep!

God Is A Lie of the Devil! The Devil has infiltrated infected Our minds! Our existence! The Devil has succeeded in integrating the Concept, the Familiarity of God into the everyday lives of Everybody! That is what the Devil wants. He wants you to Worship him and call him God. When you Worship you are Worshiping the Devil.

God’s a mental attack you’ve accepted with open arms!

The people of the world best wake up and man up! They are running out of time!

We can rise above what is happening! We can overcome this! We can see the truth!

I stand against powerful Evil! You think my posts bizarre. I’m fighting this fight to try to bring you to awareness! To save your life! The people of the world are under attack! Under a deadly assault! And they are totally unaware and unprepared!

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