Understand the serious danger we are in!

Understand the serious danger we are in! They actually believe God exists!

Listen to how they speak of God, look at these praises of God, see how convinced they are to this reality to this God! There is a delusion in this world in that delusion is the great denial of evil! The affliction keeps them in denial that God is hate evil and indifferent cold-blooded killer! Threatening torment! A God who walks away, leaving you with nothing but despair! A God talking in your head but won’t help a single person!

I fight against an evil being whose hate encompasses the World!

An ugly sickness that has Mesmerize You! Mystifies you!

God is not love it has been packaged as such! You have willingly, in an absolute, accepted this without scrutinizing! You cannot see this because you have been compromised!

You have become so mesmerized by the word God and intoxicated by the sound of God almighty that you refuse to intelligently look at this!

To see the true hate the true ugly the true manipulation! You get on your knees and Worship a Killer! I understand what you are experiencing I will never need convincing! But the truth is you are being deceived for a very ugly reason!

God’s not real and never will be Gods a construct a fabrication that has successfully integrated itself into every fabric of society such as TV, movies, books, music our vocabulary, and a massive infrastructure with buildings of worship around the world. This massive infrastructure fortified in the past for the future is maintained in the  present by enthralled worshippers for a future cataclysmic event. Gods a fabricated lie told for thousands of years and believed for as long. It does not look well for a future that will hold the same beliefs. Beliefs that today should have long ago been discarded. Discarded like religions of the past and would be if there was not a force compelling this on a force of absolute evil.

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