This is no cosmicity spiel.

So you think that’s air you’re breathing!

Well, you’re right! That’s because that’s what it is!

And all that stuff you keep hearing stuff about alien D.N.A manipulators and lizards living in the center of the world waiting to devour you! You think it’s a bunch of nonsense/garbage well you’re right again because that’s what it is!

And you think that God You’re Worshipping, is love and he loves you back! And you know what you’re Wrong! Dead Wrong! Because that’s the way it is!

You think the God, You Worship! Is a being of Love waiting to come and save the few selected! True faithful, obedient worshipers from the vast numbers of sinful people!

But that is the LIE! The great deception that is so successfully infiltrated into Society! So successfully infiltrated itself into the fabric of everyday life!

This is an attack! From, an Evil Entity called the Devil, That is why the World is so badly in a state of affairs. Because the People are held hostage by this Evil Entity! That has you in its Grip Of Hate!

This is an uncomfortable truth to hear and very few people are willing to accept this on either side of the belief argument!

The Immense intricacies of all of this can only be described as astronomically horrifying! God is a deliberate deception of the Devil and Christ for evil purposes. What the world doesn’t realize is the sick nature of these individuals.

The sheer magnitude of Fanatical Frenzy unrelenting demand for acceptance and compliance. And actuality of reality has been contained from the threat of attack! By the simple and profusely shouted profoundly protected word of delusional! This needs to be seen in the magnitude of what it is

The people of the world have been manipulated to think in a primitive way! This limits their abilities to intelligently and rationally, analyze and work together! To understand and defend themselves, from what is happening, right now! Right in front of them! The incomprehensibility  in what the Devil and Christ are doing the world totally oblivious to their movements is horrifying.  

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