Hey! It’s a new day!

Hey! It’s a new day! I’d say I hope I didn’t wake you up, but I’d be lying!

They believe Christ is the persona of love but the Devil and Christ have set up an elaborate mystical mysticism, that elevates them, well beyond what they are! 

You think my posts bizarre, I stand against a group, Evil! Cunning! Dangerous! A group, that has overwhelmed you with its intent to destroy you!

Forces of manipulative hate unseen! This is what I stand against. This is what my warning is about. God is a lie! I stand at, the front line of reason! I face two immense walls of manipulated conditioned thought!

I seek to breach the unbreachable! To reach that which is unreachable! We cannot progress further in our present state of thought. Amongst the bombardment of accumulated absurdity, I speak my words of warning! People have been bombarded without relent. A carefully planned immense fabrication to keep you off balance, and in line and to prevent the truth from emerging. We have lost so much, they have done such horrible things to the people of the world. And are doing so many horrible things at this very moment! There are many things that could be accomplished that would already exist or wouldn’t be needed in the first place. Billions are controlled by religious organizations. This is because of what the Devil and his group are doing, and how they’re directing everybody.

I have endured their attacks! I have had first-hand encounters with the way they think! To say the least it is extremely disturbing! And they are without a doubt, beyond reason! I can’t make it any clearer I’ve been a victim of this group I know they exist. The closest analogy I can make on their thinking processes. Is that it is like talking to an extremely cold-minded, hateful computer with a twisted sense of humor. Somehow, the people of the world must come together, with an understanding, that can confront this group. The movement of Evil is alive and well but you need to recognize it, and therein lies the problem! It’s hiding in respectability, moving constantly, active constantly, monitoring constantly, speaking within the privacy of the Mind! God is a creation of theirs for the reason of controlling you. To accomplish the desire of the Devil, which is to kill Our Father and all of us in a future cataclysmic event!

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