The Devil has your minds rooted in beliefs!

The Devil has your minds rooted in beliefs!

This is what we’ve become without even knowing it! All the World, the mental victims of the devil! They believe in absoluteness that they are so wise, so sophisticated, so knowing! They think they needn’t think any further! For the atheist it’s Ape-man and death, For the religious, it’s God and life in blissful servitude. God, has become a solid substance in their minds! So thoroughly has the concept infiltrated, saturated the World! The realness of God is a belief locked within their consciousness.

The Atheist sees only death at the end of life. Refuses to believe in anything outside this plane of reality as possibly being part of reality! Except of course the mystical magical primordial Ooze pit forming from all the lifeless matter around it! We are People beyond the understanding of ourselves in a situation beyond ourselves! A deadly platform we are on and we are all being played! The arrogance, the contempt of your mind is your downfall! It all makes perfect sense when you are infected with a mental affliction!  

If you think the Devil doesn’t have a plan… God!

There’s a reason there is distance between God and people, and it’s not because you are Bad! Very Bad! It’s because the Devil has no Godly powers. He needs the distance to set up intermediaries, priests, pastors, rabbis, etc to intercede on your behalf to keep you at a distance when they reveal themselves. Religion isn’t for today any more than it was for the past. This is all being set up for an elaborate hoax in the future. One only needs to look at the fanatical religious to see how it would be possible to pull off the ultimate scam. The Devil and Christ have the technological abilities to accomplish this. They can speak within the privacy of your mind they can create visions they can manipulate emotion. The Devil and Christ have been structuring this for thousands of years a thousand years means nothing to them. The serious danger this group represents cannot be overstated. Years from now everybody will be microchipped we will be even more vulnerable to their manipulations. And artificially intelligent robots will dominate the workforce robots that they will use to help build an earth-consuming weapon. 

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