Nobody is warning you!

Nobody is warning you! 

 I have heard many people say, “my faith in God has helped me immensely. But the evil threat that I speak of, the evil that is threatening the World is real. As real as the fact that a large percent of the World’s population Worships God/Allah whatever name, it’s still the same and a large percentage of them Worships Christ. 

They worship a God that is an empty and unresponsive God. A God that kills people, torments people A God that riddled the World with diseases. A God unresponsive that says, commit to me, obey me, tell me you love me or I’ll torment and kill You. 

 I know the serious danger we are in. I know that the concept of God is a cunning fabrication designed for a desired want. And I have to speak out, I have to try to get you to understand the serious danger that this world is facing at this moment. A large percentage of the population has some kind of “psychological blinders on” and they can’t see the serious danger that’s happening! I’m trying to get non-believers to acknowledge what is right in front of their eyes! The Astronomical Frenzy of Religious Worship the Building of Places of Worship the Monuments! The Video onslaught. The basic concept that this is an elaborate deception is so hard to get anyone to believe. 

 The Religious, believe this God has to be real, God is not real! What is real is an evil entity consumed with hate! That will stop at nothing until we are all dead! The religious laugh they ridicule, mock my warning, and hold it in contempt as they justify believing in God. The Atheist holds it in contempt and brushes it off with the word delusional! One thing the atheist and religious don’t do is think about the how and why of what they are seeing right in front of them what they are witnessing we are in serious danger.

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