The Devil is the force behind God.

The Devil who wants you to call him God! Doesn’t always reveal himself. There are billions that have never encountered the Devil, as himself or as God! 

But there are times when it will show up as the Entity God! The Devil will show up when it wants to Propagate its Plan. It will single out certain Individuals, and then it will contact them. The Devil Manipulates People Who Can Manipulate Others! Preachers Proclaim God has spoken to them! They will claim they received a prophetic message from God!

The reason religious leaders will make this mistake is in their inability to comprehend that the Devil would Propagate a Loving God. They do not understand the Devil and what it is trying to accomplish. They simplify the Devil when, in actuality, he’s operating in extreme complexities

The Devil has elevated their God to a position of untouchability. And Religious People have unequivocally taken this position in regards to their God. Christ will always be, the frontman God will never be seen. They’ve gone through a complex array of word manipulation to ensnare you into this accepted mindset. Understand the Devil never does anything that’s not in his best interest. Christ a compromise betrayer will be used as a powerful manipulation tool as he is now. Many people have claimed they’ve seen Christ in a vision, but this is not cosmic power this is technological power at work.

The Devil is quite a sadistic entity.

Sometimes the Devil will show up when he wants to, get a chuckle the Devil will use the Technology he Stole. The Devil will stalk certain individuals tormenting them as he pushes them to the point of killing themselves or killing others. The Devil takes immense pleasure in this to, the Devil its sport/amusement. With no understanding of the truth, people turning to their doctrines succumb to these encounters. The Devil and Christ are using technology to manipulate emotions they use vocals and visions to manipulate their victims.

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