There are no Angels and, there’s no God.

The Devil overcome with a sense of pride then all the Angels jumped up and decide to be afflicted with pride. And stand against the most powerful being ever seen in their existence that brought them into existence by the will of his word! Come on people let’s get up to speed here! You don’t think it’s an attack on the faculties of your mind, that you buy into this.

There Are No Angels and, there’s no God, this is a total fabrication from an entity that was never an angel covered in jewels and called the most beautiful being in heaven! The Devil’s story on the fallen angels is a strategic ploy for a later date after they decimate the world with pestilence and War. This will not be a total cataclysmic event as they have institutions of Science and religion they’ll want to protect. So how, when, and why do the Fallen Angels come into play? There’s a lot of fanaticism about fallen angels it’s the same with extraterrestrials. With multitudes believing they’re one and the same and they’re right but they believe it for the wrong reason.

One of the main topics you hear with extraterrestrials is technology and that is one of the purposes of the Extra-Terrestrial / fallen angels to bring advanced technology. With multitudes believing extraterrestrials are friendly because we’re still here. Their non-threatening appearance will be for the most part enthusiastically embraced as the extraterrestrials express their benevolent intent to save us from impending doom. But as the fallen angels are a strategic play so are the extraterrestrials. And neither one really exist these are created entities by the Devil and Christ. When the extraterrestrial’s true intentions of malevolence are revealed huge battles will commence technologically disadvantaged the world will fall into deep peril. 

This is when the Devil and Christ will make their move and repeal the malevolent extraterrestrials who they will claim in reality are the Fallen Angels. It’s at this time that they’ll create the rapture they’ll do it using technology utilizing the neural link to the brain fortifying their position. There are a number of strategic reasons for the rapture a primary one is to eliminate those that will cause the greatest threat to their plans. With their decimated selected remaining and their ability to technologically speak within your mind create visions and sensations, their plans will be an easy manipulation for them. They’ll have technology people, won’t fully understand they’ll have robots and artificial intelligence at their disposal. And they’ll have a large number of enthralled worshippers declaring absolute obedience just like they do today. It is in this timeframe that they will utilize the rebellious battle in heaven and the power given to the Devil as an excuse for their absence. And creating a backdrop for why the people must help if they have any hope of eliminating the Devil and the falling angels before they grow too strong. It is at this time that they will commission a technologically advanced Earth-consuming weapon they’ll claim has to be created to counter the immense power of the Devil and the Fallen Angels.

The Devil doesn’t have any Cosmic powers or the ability to be a God his power comes from technology he has assumed the role of God for his plan of manipulating you! It was not pride that motivated the Devil it was extreme hate and jealousy that alone is the Devil’s motivation. We were sent here on a mission to terraform the solar system that mission was compromised by the Devil and Christ and they’re using the terraforming technology now modified against us.

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