The Devil Doesn’t Care!

The Devil Doesn’t Care!

The people of the World know something is not right they sense that there could or should be more to their existence. They believe something is there, and they think it is God. 

The Devil knows that a lot of people are going to worship a different God than the biblical one and it doesn’t care! 

It wants the mental conditioning that worshiping brings. One of the Devil’s primary vehicles of attack is the Christian religious material which is reinforced through certain individuals with direct contact as God or the Devil or Christ! This is also further reinforced with saturation on virtually every front you have it from television to coffee cups not counting all the numerous Religious institutions and holidays. The Devil and Christ appear in many forms to different religions for reinforcement purposes. They want different religions  (understand the Devil never does anything he doesn’t believe is in his best interest) this is a strategic ploy. That they will use to say the Devil has corrupted religion giving them more flexibility when they set up their so-called true religion.

Things will change a lot in the future as the Devil and Christ accelerate their plans. The majority of the world will be chipped into the Mainframe and computers will control everything from your automobile to your robotic mailman. What seems preposterous now won’t seem so to those in the future. And with the degree of zealots in every religion and the strong belief in extraterrestrials, the unsuspecting population will easily fall to the ploy’s they execute much as they do now with religion and extraterrestrials.

You ignored them when they said, an Entity is communicating with them! You ignored and dismissed any realization this was happening in the World! You won’t acknowledge you can’t recognize the threat the Serious Danger that we all face!  Throughout history, this group has been reported to make contact with numerous individuals. Sometimes with very devastating consequences for the victims and still the world is totally oblivious to the truth of their existence.

If you could realize you had an enemy. And if you could understand that God is a lie of the Devil’s and Christ. And you understood that all religious material was written under the control of the Devil. You would have a good understanding of the complexity of your Enemy and the serious danger that the World is in. If our present time tells us anything it is that extraterrestrials fallen angels and religion, will play a big role in their coming strategy.

I know this malicious group exists and the serious danger that they represent and hopefully, the World will come to an understanding of their existence as well.   


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