The Devil and Christ have deceived the world.

The Devil and Christ have deceived the world.

It can’t be possible that we’ve all been deceived. You say you have received, revelation from God. Well although you won’t, believe me, I’m going to say it anyways you have been deceived. Understand the Devil and Christ are very manipulative very cunning God is their creation for manipulation purposes. 

You have to try and understand the Devil wants you to believe in God it wants you to worship God, wants you to obey, to be complacent. 

Seeing is believing. 

Even if you don’t think you’ve been brainwashed. 

You have been Conditioned. 

You have been Saturated. 

And when the time comes when Christ appears proclaiming he is God this phenomenon will sway you to believe. 

Because after all seeing is believing. 

Know and be Prepared, try to understand the lie that has been so thoroughly wound into Society. So thorough is this lie that their victims will do anything to hold on to it. You can either stand with the World in its ignorance absorbing the mental manipulation. Or you can stand at the ready in the fortitude of knowledge. 

Understand their manipulations are not limited to a religious nature. They have deceived countless people into the belief that they are benevolent higher beings from elsewhere in the universe. The Devil and Christ are manipulating people not only on a religious level but also on an extraterrestrial level this is a strategical manipulation in the works. As it is there are already millions of people that believe in the existence of extraterrestrials and billions that believe in some type of God and Christ. 

Hold on! 

When the time comes and many fall. You have to hold on to the truth. Hold on to the truth that what you are witnessing is a lie! Hold on to the truth that a diabolical event is unfolding. Hold on to the truth that a move is being made to control you for evil purposes! Hold on to the truth as hard as you can! Look at all the churches, cathedrals, monasteries all religions Hinduism, Islam Judaism, Christianity, and still, all the hospitals are full (there’s a strategic reason for that too). 

Scientific research on how and where they’re communicating (broadcasting) and monitoring from at such a huge scale (the entire world) needs to be a worldwide priority. They’re using technology to communicate and I believe this technology can be discovered. You would need multiple organizations working worldwide simultaneously on the project. It’s not foolproof, but it’s the only way that might have a chance. The Devil and Christ are very manipulative very powerful they have the ability to put thoughts in your mind but numbers are their weakness. With their technology, they can only manipulate so many people at once.

The problem is getting the world to understand the sheer magnitude, the horrible truth of the situation. The realization of what is happening is going to take an awakening like nothing ever seen before and with the way the world is that may be beyond us.

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