The Devil will consume the World to kill Our Father!

The Devil will consume the World to kill Our Father!!

And no one is helping him to achieve this like…You!

I am God they will hear thundering from the Sky. Multitudes will drop to their knees listening to every word. “Fooled and Condition” the Devil’s Laugh deep in Contempt and Glee they will not hear. Rushing, they will go happily to their Captivity and Death.

4-3-2-1- Kaboom! It’s that simple.

The world will never be destroyed. The Devil needs us to build technology for it. The world’s population will be greatly diminished the space that they live in will be greatly diminished! And everyone will be rounded up into Prayer Communities. Where they will be indoctrinated in how they will conduct themselves in proper worship and all they are to do.

But the World will never be destroyed not until the Devil is done with us!

You are worshiping because the Devil needs slaves! You are being conditioned for control! The Devil needs the mineral resources of the planet but more the Devil needs a willing workforce that will consume the planet for him! The real reason for the Thousand Years it’s not so you can just sit around and say this is better!

God isn’t Real! Awesome or Healing Anyone!

This God that’s convinced you it’s love and loves you. It’s the Devil, working his cunning plan to deceive you, it’s not a God of Love! It’s a manipulation it doesn’t care!  The Devil is Consumed with Hate and it’s waited patiently to annihilate you! To obliterate you! To utterly destroy everyone! Due to manipulations of the Devil the World is unable to believe this! People refuse to believe to accept that anything, anything at all, for reasons they don’t fully understand. Could exist in the universe that would want to kill them!

The Devil’s attacking you with a concept of distance. Within the structure of God. There is a very “legitimate reason” why distance needs to be incorporated into the structure of worship! Can you see it! They need that concept in your mind for control purposes for a very long period of time. The Devil needs the distance! It is impossible for the Devil and Christ to fulfill the role that they have conditioned you to accept. With the emphasis being that you are still unworthy they’ll be many different kinds of intercessors to keep you at a distance.

There’s no God!

There’s Our Father and Mother there’s Us, we were sent here by our father to terraform the solar system. That mission was compromised. And the Devil and Christ are using that terraforming technology to manipulate the World. The Devil and Christ are extremely adept with this equipment. They are also quite manipulative at times when the moment calls for it expressing great warmth and love. But don’t be fooled behind that charade of love, they are cold-blooded indifferent beings and all they care about is the success of their mission.

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