Of your God, where’s the love?

Of the one, you have Worshiped for thousands of years the one that can not be bothered with you where’s the love?

Of the one who has left you alone and in despair! Where’s the love? The Omnipotent one that can’t be bothered.

Where’s the love?

God, an all-loving being, with Extreme Indifference Issues.

God has never done anything for you in the past. God is not going to do anything for you now.

You say an indifferent and distant God does not bother you. You say an indifferent and distant Christ does not bother you. And you say you love God and his only son and will worship them. I understand what you’re going through. I know you believe that’s God/Allah or Christ speaking to you, but you are being deceived for a very evil reason! I know this is hard to accept. The mind’s been conditioned that’s, what’s happened to the People of this World. God’s a mental condition that has captivated almost everyone! Try to understand they are deliberately creating distance this is a strategical maneuver.

The lie!

The bible is a lie of the Devil’s God is a lie of the Devil’s. Christ is a lie of the Devil’s. The Christ lies Christ is one piece of work. Christ isn’t even his real name it could just as easily be Apollo and was so for over a thousand years. Religions changed because, for the Devil and Christ, this is a work in progress. Lie number two: That Christ is the only son of God God is a fictitious entity therefore Christ couldn’t be his son. Lie number three: That Christ came to Earth to save you through his death and resurrection. The truth is that Christ is not here to save you that’s a lie he’s conspiring to kill you! He is one of what the Devil calls a fallen Angel but actually, he’s a compromise betrayer. 

We are an illimitable existence, and we are under attack!

Christ and the one that stands with him are compromised betrayers to Our Father and Mother. We are the product of two that have been here since the dawn of creation. We came here on a terraforming mission and that mission was compromised by the Devil.

You say this is impossible, yet here we are with numerous people claiming they’re in contact in one form or another with beings they believe are Superior.

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