Someone check the fuse! The World has stopped thinking!

The World likes to claim we are no longer primitive people. This opinion seems to be based on the fact that we can turn on a light bulb.

But what it really means; is the ability to take in, all that we see and experience and look at it objectively. And one thing that we would do, if we were as wise as some like to claim is to look at the phenomena of religion. You have to give consideration to all the people that say God talks to them! You say that is a poor example, that I forget human nature. Granted there is a lot of deceit within religion.

But if you fall into the trap of placing all the claims into the box of contempt. You have succeeded in creating your own mental blockage!

We are in a vast universe, we know virtually nothing about. Within this universe, we have been ensnared into a situation beyond our ability to comprehend! The World would not be so insistently fanatical! Insisting you believe and worship an entity called God. And God would not be so infiltrated into every fabric of society through movies and songs and our vocabulary if there wasn’t an outside force that was the motivation!

Your minds have/are being compromised! That’s why you don’t see the seriousness of the situation! This is why the idea of an Entity, like the Devil, being the force behind religion seems so preposterously ridiculous to you! You Are A Victim Of The Devil. The Devil Changed You. It Changed What You Are. How You Think. The Devil and Christ changed everything when they manipulated our DNA. We are/were more than is understood! You can not see it because you are in it. You can not understand it, because You’re a Victim of it. And you don’t believe it, because of it.

You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It. The hate and the jealousy the Devil is filled with. The cunning that it has. The time put into achieving the Devil’s desire which is to kill Our Celestial Father who sent us here. And the time they still have. And you can’t see The why of it Or the how of it that they believe they will be successful.

What is needed here is the ability to look at this phenomenon in ways that have not been entrenched into your minds. It is with this perspective that I hope you will be able to see that we are under attack. We have been deceived and we are being manipulated and we as a people are totally unaware.

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