This is not a religious blog.

This is not a religious blog even though it is about the Devil Christ and God.

I’m someone attempting to share extremely important information.

This blog is to inform you of the truth not known, not seen, not understood by billions this blog is an attempt to bring this to light

This blog is about the Devils and Christ God deception.

In the cunningness of the Devil, it has found a way to get billions of people to worship him! The Devil’s an extremely cunning, compassionately cold entity, and it is hate! And the Devil has deceived the World! God’s a created entity of the Devil and those that stand with him. 

In the course of my life, I have had many encounters with this group I have no idea why they have revealed themselves to me. I have endured their assaults, and I have gathered information in the process. Important information that I can only hope that the world wakes up and heeds what I have to say.

When I started this blog I knew that what I had to say would be hard for people to believe and I would be called delusional, among other things. Their hostility is due to what the Devil and the betrayers (the brains behind the madness) have done to the people of the world, The world has been thrust into a mental vacuum the people of the world are trapped within mindset. They have been saturated and mentally conditioned! But I have a lot of experience with what I talk about and people should know what’s happening and why it’s happening. We are celestial beings we are more than is understood sent here to terraform the solar system. The Devil took advantage of this extremely complex mission and compromised members of that mission.

The Devil is a cunning manipulator. He works within the privacy of thoughts he uses vocals and visions and he’ll speak in different ways to many different people not all of them in positions of power. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but I expect you to learn the truth from rational reasoning. Look at all the people throughout recorded history that claim to be communicating with religious entities or had some kind of religious experience. This is not just some odd coincidence. Or the many others that claim there in communication with beings they believe are extraterrestrials.

The mental manipulation extends beyond the boundaries of religion. The atheist plays a vital role in the success of what the Devil is trying to achieve! One of the main purposes of the atheist is to compel the religious on. To give them a focal point for the purpose of preaching for conversion! This is a reinforcement proliferation tactic! The atheists are just like the religious, in that their minds have been compromised!

The Devil and Christ have us at the moment and, they have us good, and they are intoxicated with confidence! They cannot be reasoned, with and they will not stop and in their minds, they believe they cannot lose. I will continue putting my warning out the best I can for as long as I can but the world is asleep!

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