God is not the only weapon in the Devil and Christ’s arsenal.

God is not the only weapon in the Devil and Christ’s arsenal.

They are not only the force behind all religious institutions.

They are also the force behind the Extraterrestrial movement.

A movement they’re going to utilize we are, not being exposed to numerous accounts of UFO sightings and reports of alien interaction for nothing. The extraterrestrials are a strategic ploy for manipulation purposes.

If there’s one thing this group can masquerade as it is extraterrestrials in a sense, it’s what they are. They were sent here thousands of years ago to terraform the solar system that mission was compromised by the Devil. The Extraterrestrial will be a ploy, a smokescreen their main vehicle of attack will be Christ the Devil and God. This is an elaborate hoax and they are going to use a number of different angles within their attack in a number of different layers. This is going to basically be a two-pronged attack. First, it will be the Extraterrestrial/fallen angels, and then it will be Christ. Do not underestimate this cold-blooded highly intelligent group, they are not constrained, they’re operating in a multifaceted attack.

They are formulating such a complex attack it is virtually impossible to describe it. It’s especially difficult with the world being totally clueless about the diabolical events that are happening right in front of them. For one thing, while they are pulling off this charade, they will be mentally manipulating people with their technological abilities. They have the ability to create visions and mentally manipulate, with their ability to speak and to place thoughts within your mind. They will be manipulating emotions like happiness, trust, and excitement when they appear. If you could understand the many facets they will utilize you will understand why it is not so preposterous that they will be extremely convincing either as religious entities or extraterrestrials.

Advanced Technology!

When it comes to extraterrestrials, you always hear them speaking about advanced technologies and that is one of the main purposes of the extraterrestrial. There’s no easier way to introduce technologies that bypass needed avenues of mental and technological growth! They’re not doing this to be benevolent this is a strategic move. That will be fully embraced by billions of wonder-struck inhabitants of the world.

They will introduce a better, more advanced mainframe computer interface chip guaranteed to blow your mind. Along with an improved quantum computer for a more enhanced interface experience, they’ll do this so they can better inter-phase with their powerful computer.

They’ll take this opportunity to introduce technologies with incredible medical applications. There’s a strategic reason for this they’ll want to eradicate all diseases and every affliction that they’ve created. This will be in preparation for Christ, who’s incapable of removing disease with a cosmic wave of a hand, and to encourage trust. Along with other strategic pieces of technology that won’t be fully understood. Technologies they will incorporate later into an extremely powerful Earth-consuming weapon.

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