Could a scientist stop the Devil?

In desperate need of a scientist with a clue!

This post is about the deception of God and the danger confronting us.

There is a very disturbing phenomenon happening in the world. One that all are aware of is the phenomenon of God by whatever name and religion.

You see all that they have built to glorify their God but you are not really seeing it. You hear all of what they say to glorify their God but you do not hear them. You hear the ones that say God talk to me but you are not listening. What are you not seeing, what are you not hearing?

You have heard what atheists have said about this phenomenon of God, and you have become comfortable with that. You give it no more thought, but the world needs you to give this some serious consideration. The People of the World need you to see what they cannot see. And that is that our true reality is more horrible than you’ve ever been able to imagine.

We are under assault and are, being manipulated by an entity called the Devil.

What you need to understand is this is not about Religion, this Entity is using Religion as a means to an end. God is a cunning manipulation by this entity consumed with hate and jealousy.

We are under attack from an Entity that is using extremely advanced technology to manipulate us! We were sent here to terraform the solar system. In the process of that terraforming, the Devil compromised members of that mission. This is who is, revealing themselves when people claim to be in communication with God the Devil Christ or some other religious entity or Extraterrestrials.

See how they network their propaganda through books, holidays, language, money, movies, music, radio, social media, television, and videos. Not to mention the numerous religious buildings and monuments. Look at all the people that claim to be in communication with spiritual entities or extraterrestrials. A percentage of them are telling, the truth some are compelled to lie others don’t need any help. But a small percentage are still sincere, they are using technology to manipulate them, and they will use all of them to propagate their agendas. The seriousness of this matter and the sophistication of this group cannot be overstated.

Try to understand there’s no benevolent God or Savior that’s going to come and save us we have to save ourselves.

If you could see this phenomenon for what it is and realize the attack that it is. There’s a chance if scientists could combine on a worldwide level working simultaneously they may be able to find a way to detect this group before it’s too late. They are constantly gathering Intel and recording people’s lives they’re constantly in contact with individuals throughout the world in one form or another. They are using some form of technology and this technology has to be able to be detected. This we’ll have to be a coordinated worldwide event a single individual is easy for them to manipulate. Their mental, corrupting abilities are extremely effective, especially one-on-one but diminish with numbers. This will still not be an easy task this group is constantly monitoring and manipulating those in the scientific community at one level or another.

In this blog, there is all the information known on the technological abilities of the Devil and Christ.

This may seem like quasi-science, but it is our true reality. During my life, I have acquired vital information that I am attempting to share. Now you may question the validity of this information, the fact that it’s on social media, but that’s the result of not understanding the true nature of the problem. The technological ability of our adversaries makes my avenues of contact limited how it is that I am even here is open to speculation. I can only hope this information reaches those who are wise enough to see the value of this information.

The world has gone into a stupor that it cannot awake from. The concept that such a group could exist is an extremely, ridiculous concept to a large amount of the population. This is a direct result of actions by the Devil and the betrayers that stand with him and are possibly impossible to overcome! This is an extremely cold-blooded group with severe indifference issues. This group has committed atrocities and manipulated people from the beginning, and yet the world is oblivious to their existence. They have manipulated our DNA and manipulated our aging process to best suit their purposes. 

They are not omniscient or omnipresent, and they are not omnipotent, although they do have some formidable technological abilities. They have at their disposal computational power capable of terraforming a solar system. They have terraforming equipment originally for animal management that they have now modified to be more compatible with the human mind. You need to be equipped with psychological fortitude to have any hope of prevailing against this group, and even then, you’re still on shaky ground.

The Devil and Christ’s technological powers are formidable, and it is a horrible fate that awaits humanity should this cold-blooded group succeed. But with knowledge, I believe we can stand against them.


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