End Times – People Get Ready

People get ready Misty Edwards

Conversion through fear this is just more mental conditioning.

I’m still trying to figure out what new thing he’s supposedly doing as far as I can, tell it’s still business as usual.

She’s right he’s not a Broken Man on a cross he’s a cold-blooded killer!

How can so many be so enthralled about a book that brags about tormenting and killing people?

She says she trusts Christ this being has done, nothing to deserve this trust.

What happened to Christ, the immensity of love now he, wants to roast marshmallows with God as they watched the sinners burn up.

Christ has become instead of an immensity of love an immensity of violence.

Why would God, who is supposed to be omnipotent, resort to such a barbaric Act of Terror? They need you to fear God to be complacent to be obedient. This is fundamentally important in their end-time strategy.

The Devil and Christ created the Book of Revelations for a number of reasons. One reason is to induce fear. They want you to be All Shook Up they want you to be in a state of panic mental despair. This is so the designated survivors are easier to manipulate mentally.

Why is Christ, who is supposedly an immensity of compassionate love claiming that he’s going to shake everything that can be shaken? And break, everything that can be broken surely such a thing would kill a lot of innocent people?

This is an extremely, cold-blooded group compassion is not one of their strong points.

They will commit this murderous attack because they have the technological ability to do it. The Devil and Christ are not spiritual they are technologically sophisticated. Christ who is now compromised was here on a terraforming mission. They have at their disposal powerful terraforming technology powerful enough to terraform a solar system. It will be an easy process for them to disrupt the planet.

This video implies like, so many do that Christ’s appearance, to wreak havoc on the defenseless people in the World was going to happen very soon. As the ones in the past were wrong, so are all the ones now that believe the Rapture and the breaking of the seals is imminent.  

If God and Christ were real entities and needed an excuse to appear, there have been numerous times in the past numerous wars and plagues where this could have happened. But God and Christ are not real they are created entities for manipulation purposes. This group possesses no Cosmic powers what they are attempting to accomplish we’ll take a lot of strategic maneuvering. Remember they didn’t come here to engage in a war they came here to terraform a solar system. Their strategic components are quite complex and will still take years to complete. This group has powerful manipulating abilities and extremely advanced technology, but this is still just a smoke and mirrors charade.

The World has been played.

This singer says Jesus is coming and people should get ready. And indeed they, should they, should get ready for an elaborate hoax.  

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