Open your mind to a difficult truth God’s a created Disease!

A representation of the God, disease that is attacking afflicting billions of people throughout the world!

This disease has burrowed deep into the mind!

This pathogen covers all monotheistic and polytheistic religions.

This disease is not the common cold, and this is not a common pathogen. It is not working on the physical body but on the intricacies of the mind.

How is it so many in the world are on their knees begging for forgiveness?

There has to be some cause for all the fanatical worship in the world.

When there’s no, logical explanation for them, to carry on about fanciful religious books. About an incompetent bloodthirsty vindictive murdering entity that they fondly reference as an immensity of love. 

Or, for instance, calling, a believed omnipotent cosmic entity love when all the hospitals are full there is no rationality for that.

We are under attack and being mentally manipulated by an entity called the Devil and by members of a terraforming mission who were, compromised by this being.

We are dealing with a highly advanced group they would have at their disposal, a number of planetary ships. 

Now it’s possible with reported sightings of UFOs that some of them could be appearing to randomly release some, type of pathogenic microbes into the atmosphere.

Or they may use some type of technology randomly beaming religious impulses to the World.

However, the random release of pathogenic microbes or the transmitting of random, religious impulses, being beamed, into the world seems unlikely. This is a highly sophisticated group they’re not going to want to leave this to chance. It’s not the way they operate they have too much riding on this.

So how do you manipulate a large number of receptive believers? It is possible their broadcasting some kind, of a signal on a worldwide basis to a specific genetic marker. Or they could be releasing pathogenic microbes to a specific genetic marker. Or they could be incorporating both with the transmissions activating the pathogens creating a psychosis of God. It’s possible this is after all one technologically advanced group.

Or it’s possible that with this being a pathogen of the Mind it could be that some form of microorganism is transmitted through eye contact transmitted through the optic nerve. It’s possible their transmitting something in the ultraviolet spectrum.

One thing to remember with this group is that nothing can be completely ruled out. 

This group, at the moment, doesn’t want total religious conversion the atheist plays a vital role in their manipulation strategies. It’s possible they are somehow genetically immune. If so eventually, at some point, they will eliminate them, effectively eliminating any resistance threat. There will be a time when they will strategically decimate a  large portion of the population to a malleable number and the atheist will be at the top of the list.

This is the reason you always hear about the rapture this will be a systematic happening. It is at this time that they will utilize the rapture to eliminate those that would cause the most resistance the greatest threat to their plans. There’s going to be a lot of easily manipulated religious people walking around wondering why they’re unworthy. And God and Christ will be there to tell them the reason and what they need to do.

They also used direct contact, a powerful manipulation tactic.

They have a propensity for one-on-one contact, and they are extremely successful at manipulations on a one-on-one level. They utilize this method when they want specific results.

People have been so conditioned that when confronted by this group they turn to the doctrines of teaching resulting in them becoming malleable prey easily manipulated. They have the technological ability to talk to you like they are thoughts in your mind. These thoughts can be so subtle as to be almost subliminal or if they want as an overpowering voice. They can induce a sense of calm over you or extreme fear for manipulation purposes while they’re doing this.

How is it that the world is so blind to the diabolical situation unfolding? If only I could break through the barrier and get you to comprehend the severity of our situation. Could this be a result of DNA manipulation it’s possible somehow dumbing us down dulling are comprehension skills so people cannot comprehend the enemy in our midst?

It’s possible they can be located if scientists from around the world would turn their attention from outer space to Inner space researching all possible avenues of biological, electronic possibilities. The best brain scientists and the best mind scientists in the world need to be brought together in a combined research effort. Physicists and experts in computer development and any other relevant scientific fields such as Astronomers, Neuroscience, Neuro ophthalmologists, etc, need to be brought together.

All research needs to be done at a minimum of quadruplets for each department situated around the world. The more, the better.

It may be that our technology is not sophisticated enough to detect them, but it also may be a lack of combined effort to do so.

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