★ God talked to me ★

★ God talked to me ★

The People that say God talked to them, that he said this and that are sincere not, counting the ones that falsely claim this for many reasons.

You will never have to convince me that you are in communication with an entity you believe is spiritual. I’ve been where you are, and I know how convinced you are. Nobody can understand, truly what you say how you believe so profoundly. Unless they’ve experienced it themselves, which I have. I know that it may be impossible to reach you, they have that kind of manipulative hold, but I have to try.

Maybe, you had a chilling encounter with the Devil, and now because of that, you believe there is a God. Or maybe you’ve had a religious out-of-body experience.

This seems so real because it is real they work on the intricacies of the Mind.

Try to understand the group that holds you captivated has created, not only your religion. They have created all the religions in the world for strategic purposes. They are attempting to trick you into helping in your demise.

What you are experiencing, no matter how real it seems, is a lie.

They have so saturated our environment with religious propaganda to embed it into our psyche. It’s virtually impossible to pull yourself from the mesmerization that they create when they make contact. They are highly persuasive and highly manipulative and what do we have to fall back on for a reason for this phenomenon our indoctrination of all the exposure propaganda we are subjected to.

Succumbing to their doctrines and the ingrained onslaught of propaganda. They conclude this manifestation is God because, after all, what else could it be.

You have been deceived for nefarious reasons.

The Devil has many reasons for reaching out to individuals. It could be that they’re looking for another proclaimer of their existence they are constantly using this as a reinforcement tactic. For instance, you may feel the urge to get up in front of a religious gathering and testify. Or maybe now you feel compelled to do a YouTube video. Maybe he has told you you are a chosen one or that you possess special gifts. The Devil seems to take immense pleasure in manipulating us through our egos possibly because it’s extremely effective.

Where they make their mistake, why they believe they are talking to God. It is their inability to comprehend that the Devil would masquerade as a loving God.

Ask yourself would a God of infinite love and, omnipotent power allow such atrocities to happen at the hands of such a being?

I had to conclude that in the actuality of this group’s existence that the atrocities in the world were the results of them.

With the reality of this group is the reality that a benevolent God would not in good conscience allow the atrocities that are happening in the world.

Religious people do not understand who the being they call, God really is! They don’t understand the cold cunningness of the being that holds them mesmerized or the hate that consumes it.

Those of you who know this is real due to the encounters you’ve had. Will, have a unique and horrific understanding of what is happening that the rest of the world is incapable of comprehending. If you could only realize you have been deceived.

There is no shame in being deceived by this group. They’re highly manipulative, highly advanced technically sophisticated. And they have deceived the world.

The Devil and Christ are very manipulative and quite adept at expressing great warmth and love. But they are also cunning predators that like to amuse themselves intoxicated with the belief they are untouchable. They will sometimes callously amuse themselves to the detriment (death) of their victims. 

Use, Extreme Caution with this deceptive group depending on their desires, you could be in extreme danger.

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