War, what is it good for?

I sometimes wonder about People of Power? 

You know the ones that blow countries up!! 

When they’re holding their dead loved ones, do they ever think they’d still be alive? If the ones that would have saved them, they hadn’t blown them up!

War, what is it good for?

Well, if you’re a group of cold-blooded Psychopaths. It might make for some great entertainment to pass the time. Or it just might be a convenient way to move some scientists around. This cold-blooded group would think nothing of killing 50,000,000 people just to move 1,600 scientists and key personnel around. It means nothing to them because this group intends to kill everyone eventually.

You need a world power to start a World War. Is this the opportunity they’ll take to cause a major war? This could be the start of the World War that the Devil and Christ will bring forth. To implement the next phase of their manipulation strategy. They’re going to want despair, deprivation, and desolation as their backdrop when they make their move.

They’ve softened the world with pestilence, and now they’ve moved a world power to war.

Is this just a giant smash-and-grab, or is this the beginning of World War 3? With this group, you can’t be sure until you’re in the midst of it. 

The Devil will sit in places of power and tell them they deserve ultimate power.

To the Devil and Christ, Governments are Puppets on a stage. They don’t possess the intelligence that it takes. They don’t realize the Devil is standing in their midst, manipulating them to his whims.

They’ve given them a taste of War and War tastes good in the mouths of egomaniacs.

They have us, they’ve caught us in their cross-hairs, they have us in their sights. They work from the Shadows, just outside of our awareness.

In the actuality of this group existing, the question is, why are they causing this conflict. Distraction deflection, misappropriation of money and resources. Or something they’ve been planning for a very long time. All we can do at this moment is be aware of this group and stay vigilant. At some point, they’re going to bring this up to the next level.

How many people have died in war? At least 108 million people were killed in wars in the twentieth century. 

How is it that the world in this day and age could still be in such a barbaric state of mind? Spending billions on weapons of war. When all the world should be working together in curing diseases, paralysis blindness, etc., the finiteness of life.

How can this madness be? How can the world be so indifferent to its own needs? It couldn’t and wouldn’t be without a force of evil manipulating it.

The world somehow needs to comprehend the seemingly incomprehensible reality. That, we all have a diabolically cunning enemy threatening the existence of all of us.

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