Religion it’s used to imprison your mind from the truth.

Religion it’s used to imprison your mind from the truth.

Religion and God are lies of the Devil.

Ideas they want you to think you are constantly subjected to.

There isn’t any damnation for sin, there isn’t any hell they are tools of manipulation.

Fear is a constant tool used by the Devil.

Fear God, obey the world cannot see it!

An outraged indifferent unapproachable God benefits no one but the Devil.

This is why you’re, told you, need an intercessor such as Saints Angels and Christ they have to keep you at a distance.

This is why you’re, told you have to worship.

This is why you’re, told you are unworthy.

This is why you’re told to be obedient.

This is why you’re, told you have to beg.

This is why you’re, told you have to ask for forgiveness.

This is why you’re told to be prayerful and remorseful.

You’re being deceived you’re being mentally conditioned.

This attitude’s a designed mindset for the multi-purpose of manipulating you!

Why would a God of omnipotent omnipresence need preachers and propaganda? He wouldn’t, but a malicious group masquerading as Divine deities would.

You need to ask yourself, why would God be an indifferent unapproachable being. Who does an unapproachable God benefit?

The world is oblivious to the fact that all kinds of people are claiming to be in communication in one form or another with beings they believe are Superior. This is not just with Christianity this is also with Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc.

They’re just seen as the whimsical wiles of a fanciful bunch.

We Are In, Danger People!

God is a created entity for manipulation purposes.

I know what I say doesn’t mean much to you.

But you are worshipping a killer.

You are worshiping a manipulative hate consumed being that is who you think is God.

We are the product of two a Father and a Mother here since the dawn of time. They sent us here on a terraforming mission the Devil compromised members of that mission.

That’s who has written all the religious materials throughout history. And are the ones who make contact as higher divinities such as God, Christ, Allah, etc. They’re not a mystical cosmic power their using technology when they confront people.

If only they could grasp the true horror that has ensnared the modern mind, this atrocity they cannot comprehend! People cannot understand the severity of the violation that confronts them.

If you could only see that you’ve succumbed to erroneous thinking, you would realize the true horror confronting us.

Religious proliferation, saturation, familiarity they tell you religion is declining meanwhile God is intertwining deeper into the accepted fabric of society.

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