You cannot run!

People claiming they hear voices in their head are easy to joke about until it happens to you.

Hearing voices, it could very well be the Devil

Hearing voices is a serious medical condition. But I’m not talking about a medical condition I’m talking about a mental violation. By the Devil, and in that instance, medication doesn’t entirely help.

The biggest problem is that people can’t see the severity of the situation. They can’t comprehend the diabolical deception that’s unfolding they can’t see any Rhyme or Reason to it.

This is why it is so easy for the Devil and Christ to do what they are doing!

There are many different ways in many different directions that they can come at you when they make contact many different degrees. In this post, we’re, going to focus on the Devil’s more aggressive attacks.

You cannot run!

That’s the thing, you must understand you must learn how to stand against it.

You have to learn how to endure and shrug it off. This is not an easy task as the Devil is quite malicious.

Even with knowledge when confronted by this group, it’s virtually impossible not to succumb to fear.

You have to be fortified, in the knowledge of who they are and what they are. And you need an understanding of the power of their psychological abilities. 

This is nothing Spiritual, this is nothing Cosmic they using technology to pull this off.

They can hurt you if you don’t understand what’s happening. Your mind is more vulnerable and more easily damaged when it’s in a state of distress. The thing to do and this is easier said than done, is to stay calm. If you can bring yourself to laugh about the situation, it is possible to break the psychologically manipulative hold that the Devil is creating.

A word of advice if you have an encounter, don’t try to reason with the Devil. You can ignore my advice and try, but it will only amuse him, and he’ll only string you along. 

The Devil’s not in your head because you’re a bad person. The Devil is confronting you probably because he wants you to commit an act of evil or to entice you to kill yourself. Which a lot of people do when confronted by this being.

There is a good probability that the Devil is trying to kill you the Devil’s extremely sadistic, and he finds this amusing. The Devil is not always successful at this, and the surviving victims can be left with mental damage from the attack that can take years to heal from. There’s also the possibility the Devil could be manifesting himself to push you to God, religion Christ or Allah, in which case you’re not in any immediate danger.

You have to learn how to endure this attack and overcome it. One thing you’re going to have to give yourself is the time it takes time to heal from an intense attack from this group.

Medications won’t stop them, but they could help buffer their assault.

Medication can help find yourself a mental health facility and tell them you’re hearing voices. Maybe you fear you might hurt yourself or others, don’t worry you won’t get in trouble. You haven’t committed a crime you’re just seeking mental help.

You can’t stop the Devil from speaking in your mind there, isn’t any mentally controlled off switch. Medication is ineffective in stopping them from speaking this is not a medical condition. But medication would relieve some of the residual effects that this violation causes. Because they’re working on pathways of the mind pathways that mental illness takes, they aggravate these areas. And some of the medications they give will help alleviate some of the mental effects this anguishing mental assaults causes. 

When you start hearing voices and thoughts that you know aren’t right just tell him to fuck off this can sometimes help to alleviate their onslaught. Don’t be surprised if you hear the response make me but keep saying it anyway.

If you can survive the initial assault and don’t succumb to erroneous thinking or emotional pulls, you should be okay. Because although the Devil can be aggressively persistent, they won’t stay long. They’ll go away, although they might be back. They have other people and other objectives they’ll want to concentrate on. 

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