Testing test test testing.

Testing test test testing.

This is a test of the Scumbeings Emergency Information System. 

If this had been an actual emergency (which it is)  … you’d be screwed.

You’d be screwed because the world is in denial, asleep at the wheel, and there isn’t any contingency plan. There’s no one there, the department doesn’t exist there’s no one to sound the alarm

 There is no one to shout the warning the scumbeings are here.

No, one to inform you of the power of their mental manipulations.

For the people that claimed to be in communication with spiritual entities, no one has ever been called more delusional.

For, the people that claim to be in communication with extraterrestrials, nothing has ever been more ridiculed.

Never has such a saturation of manipulation been so embraced as that of religion and God.

Never has such a threat been so blatantly disregarded.

Build the towers and light the beacons inform the world of the manipulations and the coming deceptions.

You sit in denial and whittle away the hours meanwhile their moment moves closer to the hour. They move like an infectious disease that the world embraces.

Let’s take all the reports of communications with God or other spiritual entities. And let’s take all the reports of communications with extraterrestrials. And combine them and conclude there is no medical reason to explain the repetitive claims. The continuous themes that pass from generation to generation. But there are combined undoubtedly enough evidence to conclude there is a serious situation going on here.

For this Scourge, what weapon will you choose?

You drop the ball. You have no defense, no weapon for this onslaught. Information now is your only defense unfortunately that department doesn’t exist. It was taken out by ridicule and the word delusional nobody’s got your back.

 Unaware and unprepared, the world succumbs.

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