One more time might do the trick.

I’m sucked up and lost in the shuffling madness.

How long will my warning go unheeded my information ignored?

Walk away or read my words and understand what we’re up against the difficulties we face, and the difficulties in defending oneself against them. 

Odd isn’t it that God is so into killing It’s almost as if he was some hate-filled mentally disturbed being?

This is a cruel and vicious group that holds the World captive!

So many people have been killed so many people’s lives have been ruined by this group. They have killed and they will kill again! Death means nothing to them history and hospitals are the proof of that!

The Abrahamic religious opinion on why things are the way they are seems to be. That the Devil wants somebody to go to hell with, and the Devil knows God doesn’t like sick people.

Well, they are wrong and I am here to tell you why.

There is no rhyme or reason to their biblical justifications the crux of it is that you’re unworthy in the eyes of God. And there’s a sort of battle between Good and Evil in the Spiritual Realm. This is all a strategical manipulation if you could only see how they’re trying to unfold this.

Throughout recorded history, people have claimed contact with entities they believe divine even if you try to claim every single one of them was delusional it still doesn’t address the question of why there is such a consistent reoccurring theme covering continents and time.

The world is screaming out that something is here speaking to us.

And no warning is more ignored.

I have spent the better part of my life being confronted in one way or another by the entity called the Devil. I’ve decided to post what I know of this entity the Devil for those who want to know the truth. The World has been deceived. My message is about the Deception of the Devil

I tell you why they’re doing it and the reason why they’re doing it the way that they are. It’s disturbing, to say the least, and they’re pulling it off, right in front of everyone.

I’ve been accused of being mentally ill and full of it, but I don’t concern myself with that. Because I, know that although I’ve been, damaged (you would be too). It’s taken me years to heal from some of the more vicious encounters. I am sound, my motives are sincere, and my information is true as horribly alarming as it be. And I’ve been accused of trying to become important or thinking I am important, but all that is irrelevant. I post because I possess valuable information nobody else in the world possesses. Why this, is I don’t, know but, there it is I Stand Alone with this information.

I am a messenger a bearer of information except for a degree of ambiance I know about this group from years of experience my information stands by itself. And I give you all the information I know about the severity of the situation and the difficulties of defending oneself.

I know it looks suspicious being on social media but being called delusional at every turn doesn’t leave me many avenues. And even then, some sites won’t let me on. Trying to warn the world of impending doom these days seems to be frowned upon. Although I don’t know if it would make a difference what with the incomprehensibility that the World seems to be encompassed in.

You are brainwashed to the word God and mesmerized by the words God Almighty!

They knew I would appear they crossed their †’s and dotted their i’s and they prepared, working it into their propaganda filling you with lies. The Abomination of Desolation, The Man of Sin, The Son of Perdition, The Lawless One, The Antichrist. I am, none of these, but a religiously indoctrinated person would believe that I’m some type of Antichrist. In a way, I am but not how they perceive it.

There’s an astronomical amount of websites that will claim that they have all the answers, the absolute truth, everything you ever needed to know. On YouTube, there is a mind-boggling head-spinning amount of garbage! Spewed out by some of the most ignorant know-it-alls that have ever been. Their motivation spans from one end of the spectrum to the other they’re on the same rhetoric the same theme. They have covered the web with numerous types of Biblical websites to obscure my attempts of warning they’ve thrown out a bunch of nuts like a Smokescreen. If you throw me in with the rest they have succeeded in their attempt to obscure me.

The Devil has extreme mental issues one needs only read the Abrahamic religious books, and you will see the Hate the mental instability of the entity that has so many convinced he’s God! But you also get an insight into the type of person that they’re trying to conjure up absolute devotion, fear, worship, guilt, and unquestionable obedience. The question to ask is why to what end could they desire these attributes, what is it they’re aiming for.

The Academic Community is asleep at the wheel wake up open your eyes and see you’re enveloped in it it’s all around you!

One of the things that need to happen is the Academic Community needs to stop debating whether there is a God or not. And start asking, how is this group communicating with so many people and where are they broadcasting from they’re using technology it has to be somehow traceable.

There is no absolute way to know what your enemy is going to do. But if you understand your enemy and you know the unique way in which they progressed their agenda. You can narrow down the probabilities but you have to know and be willing to accept that you have an enemy. You cannot defend yourself from something you refused to believe, is standing in the midst of you. 

I can tell you this if we don’t stop them now, we will never get another chance.

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