The world is entrenched in a deadly sleep!

The world is entrenched in a deadly sleep!

The only being you’ll find in that empty box is the Devil. The only one you’ll find standing beside that empty cross is a betrayer.

The only miracle for Christ is that he went from the man holding the lamb to the man at Missile Command and is still called a  being of love.

The Devil as God will always stay a mystical mystery he knows he can never live up to expectations. Christ will declare Authority as the gatekeeper to God a one-way trip.

 All the People in the World are in serious danger! 

There are people, in these religions, that think they are Mental Giants of thought! They can’t see that there’s a serious issue with the fanaticism of these groups, they can’t seem to see a connection, a force of manipulation! 

In absolute defiance of intelligence, they accuse the others of being demonically manipulated! When in fact every religion that has existed and all religious books that were ever written. Are under the direction of the Devil and Christ.

Our future is in serious danger!

This group is here and is actively manipulating selected individuals and history as they have been manipulating history since before recorded time.

The plan is to annihilate ourselves with ourselves in a future event.

I seek to bring you to an awareness of this horrible truth!

Unfortunately, you cannot grasp this because your minds have been compromised! Arrogance and contempt are fortified in your mind! The mental blockage has been reinforced to prevent awareness of the truth! 

They believe there isn’t any danger at best they believe it’s harmless infatuation. They cannot believe the danger is right before them in a sense standing in their midst. Manipulating at a whim whom they choose.

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