The World can’t see the madness!

The world can’t see the madness!

I am a messenger of warning!

We are Under Attack by a being that’s not understood.

We have been ensnared in an elaborate deception the entire World has become encompassed. 

Most are going to walk willingly to their death.

The Devil and Christ are diabolical, cunning, and clever to a degree virtually impossible to convey. All succumbed that have encountered this deceptively manipulating group.

All our actions are controlled and all our sciences are directed.

They’ve controlled history they’ve rewritten history and they have wiped away history and restarted history. As it was then life will never reach Utopia.

 And then there’s is the intellectual atheist swirling within his angry primordial mind, the best he can come up with is to scream delusional.

They tell you to go home, there’s nothing going on. 

They tell you to ignore all the countless individuals that claim contact in one form or another with entities they believe are superior.

The Atheist as well as the Religious, are afflicted. Both are under a psychological attack where their arrogance is reinforced.

We’ve been, hoodwinked we’ve all been played the fool.

Never has there been such disregard for such a blatant threat.

The Devil and Christ are cunning, manipulative, and they are creating an elaborate deception. The world unaware is reinforcing its own deception through holidays, movies, and celebrations. We encourage philosophies the Devil and Christ need for manipulation purposes.

With our thoughts controlled are we too far gone to realize the horrible truth that has befallen us?

Are we too far gone to realize that we’re being manipulated and, that we are under attack!

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