The World is in Serious Danger!

The World is in Danger!  

They know the visions that they’ve seen the voices that they’ve heard the cosmic directions they’ve received all come from God.

And God wouldn’t lie because he’s love and so with Christ. 

They think they will escape what this malevolent being of conditional love is threatening to do! But they don’t understand, compassion is not in the equation. They worship praising a being, that holds nothing but disgust for them!

They see us as a means to an end, something to use and discard.

Because of this group’s parlor tricks, there will come a time when the world will succumb to their manipulative tactics.

All one needs to do is see how powerful their mental manipulative hold is on those of religious persuasions. To understand how easy it’ll be for them to pull off this charade.

Even if you don’t think you’ve been manipulated you’ve been submerged in propaganda saturation.

What I speak of is real the evil is here and it is manipulating people! This is something the world somehow needs to grasp.

I’ve had a number of encounters with this cunning and manipulative group. That is why I post attempting to bring the fact of their existence and their atrocities to light. I tried to explain to you what their end-time plan is and what their strategy is. I give you a reason to their rhyme.

There is so much more you need to know so many intricacies. But you are stuck behind some type of mental blockage refusing to believe anyone could possibly be communicating with outside forces.

A lot of people believe this is extremely preposterous and yet the world is saturated with religious propaganda. And numerous people throughout the world are claiming to be experiencing religious or extraterrestrial manifestations of one form or another.

There’s no logical reason to conclude that this is all coincidence.

No one’s concerned no one cares even though there are numerous people that claim contact and there are billions of people on their knees.

They’ve got everybody hoodwink and bamboozled they have billions of people in a number of religions believing their fate is written in a book.

I don’t believe our destiny is written in ink. I believe through wisdom and knowledge we can confront this group.

However, I don’t believe it’ll be an easy uneventful stroll through the park the world needs to prepare for a highly intelligent extremely cold-blooded compassionately dead group that can’t afford to lose.

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