Beware evil lurks within our midst!

Beware evil lurks within our midst!

You are impossible, so you think that in all of existence, there could be no entity like the Devil. But you forget about your own self in all of existence there is you think about that.

There you stand an impossibility that is what, are the odds that existence could even exist? Yet it does and in that impossibleness, you are here.

And in this vastness of impossibility, our father and mother exist their wisdom and knowledge brought us to this World.

Sent here by our father with an ambitious plan to terraform the solar system. But within this extremely momentous, highly ambitious endeavor a weakness was discovered by the Devil. A weakness that the Devil capitalize on by compromising members of the crew that were here to terraform the solar system.

Full of hate and jealousy of our father, the Devil discovers a way to lash out and attack! And that is through us, from this world! The Devil is a cold-minded consumed with hate entity that is manipulating the world through religion and also actively involved in a multi-faceted attack creating an elaborate hoax that will be incorporating extraterrestrials.

The world will succumb to this charade because it is already indoctrinated into the concept of God and has become infatuated with the concept of extraterrestrials existing.

These extraterrestrials will be passed off as demonic spirits, the Fallen Angels when the Devil and Christ make their appearance as God. But it’s an elaborate deception as neither the fallen angels nor God actually exists.

Impossible as this may seem, it is as impossible as you, and you are here!

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