Before me, no God was formed.

“Before me, no God was formed, nor will there be one after me.'”

Well what do you know, the Devil is telling the truth! He’s right after we get rid of this cold-blooded entity consumed with hate there will be no others pretending to be a God!

You read the manipulating, intimidating, brainwashing words of your religious books

You think you’re having prophetic dreams. You think that’s God speaking in your mind and directing you to scripture! A few years back there was, for numerous months, in some cases years, a large number of people posting videos. Claiming they had received prophetic messages from God.

They had charts showing dates, timelines when Christ was going to appear, they were blowing horns. They were a hundred percent sure that, this was going to happen! And then “nothing happened.” They were in dismay, how could this be! They knew their math was right, they had the charts to prove it. They had prophetic dreams, heard God speak to them, or a voice directing them to certain scriptures. They started looking for reasons, they started saying for this reason or that it’ll be this day. That day would pass, it’ll be a couple days from now, it’ll be next month and still nothing! Extremely confused and greatly troubled by all this, some of them started deleting their video sites.

The Devil is not constricted, he and the ones that stand with him, manipulate people in a multitude of directions. These people, “victims” they were single out and attacked! The Devil is not concerned with visual deceit. He never does anything he believes will not work to his advantage. He is quite knowledgeable about the psychology of man. And is well aware of how his actions are interpreted. The Devil and Christ’s actions were for proliferative reasons. And to create more controversy which is something else they need. They want a strong atheist, foothold they play a critical part in their end-time strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes Religious People make is they think the Devil and the so-called Fallen Angels of Running Scared. But the Devil, and those that stand with him, are not running scared. They’re the ones who wrote all the religious literature! They’re the ones telling you they’re Running Scared. Their telepathic abilities created solely through technology and a religiously indoctrinated world and their technical ability to create visions make their manifestations extremely believable. They believe they are unstoppable! One only needs to look at the astronomical amount of all religious fanaticism throughout the world to understand why.

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