Cold and Calculated!

We are Under Attack by an Entity that is not understood. What this entity has already achieved is not understood by the World. Its Manipulation of this World Its saturation and its conditioning of life have gone undetected. 

Its actuality seems preposterous. 

It’s cunning, hateful, calculated. It has created distance in Religion and in this distance, it will “Attack the World!” It will Manipulate the World! You do not know how it operates It’s undetectable. This is how it has gotten away with so many atrocities. It has no remorse it has no compassion! All it has is hate! The sinisterness! The cunningness! The deception! Undetected and misunderstood. The severity of what has happened the World cannot comprehend.

The world is entrenched in a deadly sleep!

The only thing they’ll ever find in that empty box is the Devil and Christ is a betrayer!

All the People in the World are in serious danger!

Our future is in serious danger! The plan is to annihilate ourselves with ourselves in a Future event. Unfortunately, People cannot grasp this because their minds have been compromised! Arrogance and contempt are fortified in your mind! The mental blockage has been reinforced to prevent awareness of the truth! I seek to break through that blockage! And bring you to an awareness of the truth!

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