I am extremely honored to bring you the knowledge of Our Father’s and Mother’s existence. And unfortunately the horrible, happening that befell them, at the hands of an extremely cold hateful Entity.

I have spent the better part of my life being violated by an entity called the Devil. During these confrontations, I learned the Truth of Our Father and Mother’s existence! And I learned of a group of betrayers! Compromised Family members technicians etc that stands with this entity. They are no longer what they were!

I call myself Father’s Appointed, the term Anti†God is simply a reflection of my understanding of God and Religion! I make no claim to Divinity, I’m not a Prophet, or a Guru, or a Psychic, I don’t make predictions, I’m not a Spirit Guide channeling messages or a Space Alien Channeler, the follies of all of them l post on. 

Although I do have a message.

 We are under attack!

Our Father and Mother are not God’s they are Family! And we are under attack by an Entity Our Father referred to as the Devil. We are not being attacked by a cosmic swirl of Mystical Mysticism. We are under attack from an immense understanding of science. 

I’m not on commission, I don’t have to sell it. I put it out there for the ones that can understand. I write my post for those who need or want to know the truth. I need not convince everybody, unlike the Devil, Our Father, and Mother Do not Need Slaves! Nor would they want any.