10 Essential Aspects of the Texas OAG Child Support Division: An In-depth Analysis


The Texas OAG Child Support Division, an integral part of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), plays a significant role in safeguarding children’s interests by ensuring they receive financial contributions from noncustodial parents. This in-depth analysis seeks to shed light on the intricacies of the Texas OAG Child Support system, its operations, services offered, and potential obstacles.

An Overview of the Texas OAG Child Support Division

The Texas OAG Child Support Division is a governmental entity tasked with ensuring noncustodial parents meet their obligation of financially supporting their children. Its main responsibilities include enforcing child support laws, collecting payments, and providing an array of services such as establishing paternity, revising child support orders, enforcing medical support orders, and tracing missing parents.

Texas OAG Child Support Division

The Importance of Child Support

Child support plays a pivotal role in securing a child’s welfare. It caters to various expenses like education, healthcare, and basic necessities. The Texas OAG Child Support Division ensures that noncustodial parents contribute to these expenses, thus ensuring equitable financial responsibility amongst both parents.

Services Extended by the Texas OAG Child Support Division

Establishing Paternity

In Texas, it is imperative to establish paternity to enforce child support laws. The OAG’s Child Support Division aids in legally identifying a child’s father, either voluntarily via an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) or through court mandates.

Enforcement of Child Support Laws

The division ensures compliance with child support laws by collecting due payments from noncustodial parents. Non-compliance could lead to various enforcement measures like wage withholding, license revocation, or even imprisonment.

Revision of Child Support Orders

The Texas OAG Child Support Division facilitates the alteration of existing child support orders in response to significant changes in the circumstances of either parent or the child’s requirements.

Tracing Missing Parents

The division leverages its resources to track down absent parents and enforce child support laws. This involves utilizing state and national databases and partnering with other agencies.

Navigating the Texas OAG Child Support System

The Texas OAG Child Support Division offers numerous tools and resources to both custodial and noncustodial parents to ease their navigation through the child support system.

Online Resources

Parents can leverage the Texas OAG Child Support website to handle their child support cases. This includes accessing payment history, updating personal details, applying for services, among others.

Customer Support

The division provides customer service via its toll-free line and local field offices. Parents can seek assistance or make inquiries related to their child support cases.

Child Support Evaders Program

The Texas OAG runs the Child Support Evaders program to expose noncustodial parents who have substantial unpaid child support obligations and are evading payment.


The Texas OAG Child Support Division serves a crucial role in protecting children’s rights and ensuring they receive the financial backing they are entitled to. By understanding the division’s services and effectively using its resources, parents can smoothly navigate the child support system and ensure their children’s needs are addressed. For more insights on related topics, consider these crucial steps in hiring a custody lawyer.

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