Top 5 Aspects of LSAT Cost Breakdown You Need to Know

Deciphering the LSAT Cost Breakdown

The Law School Admission Test, widely known as the LSAT, plays an indispensable role in the admission process of law schools across the United States, Canada, and an increasing number of global countries. The LSAT cost breakdown is a substantial factor that prospective law students need to consider.

Primary Registration Expense

The basic expense linked to the LSAT registration stands at $200. This expense covers the transmission of your LSAT scores to all law schools you are applying to through the Law School Admission Council’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

Additional Expenditures Linked to LSAT

Apart from the primary registration expense, the LSAT cost breakdown also involves additional expenditures.

  • LSAT Writing: LSAT Writing is an independent section of the LSAT and requires an extra $15. This on-demand writing exam can be taken at your convenience post your LSAT test.
  • Credential Assembly Service (CAS): The CAS is a service offered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) that aggregates your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and LSAT scores into a report for law schools. The CAS registration expense is $195.
  • Report Expenses: There is a report expense of $45 for each law school you apply to. This expense includes the transmission of your CAS report to the respective law school.

Optional Expenditures for LSAT

The LSAT also involves several optional expenditures.

  • Test Preparation: The cost of LSAT preparation courses can vary substantially, ranging from freely accessible online resources to premium courses that can amount to more than $1,500.
  • Test Prep Materials: The purchase of official LSAC prep materials can amount to approximately $20-$250, contingent on the specific materials.
  • Rescheduling, Altering Test Date or Venue: The act of rescheduling your LSAT or modifying your test date or venue can amount to between $125-$190.

Fees Waiver

The LSAC provides fee waivers for those who are unable to afford the LSAT and associated expenses. The fee waiver encompasses two LSATs (inclusive of LSAT Writing), one CAS registration, and six CAS Law School Reports.

LSAT cost breakdown

Totaling Your LSAT Expenses

To calculate your overall LSAT expenses, you need to add all the relevant fees. For instance, if you’re applying to four law schools, utilizing CAS, and purchasing one set of prep materials, your total expense would be approximately $725. This does not factor in optional costs like prep courses.

Approaches for Managing LSAT Expenses

Effective management of your LSAT expenses can render the law school application process more economical.

  • Advance Planning: By scheduling when you’ll take the LSAT and apply to law schools, you can evade late registration and change fees.
  • Budgeting for Test Preparation: Contemplate how much you’re prepared and capable of spending on test preparation. Bear in mind that there are free resources accessible.
  • Consideration of Fee Waivers: If you’re eligible, applying for an LSAC fee waiver can significantly lessen your LSAT expenses.


Grasping the comprehensive key aspects of 2 year law degree and the LSAT cost breakdown is vital in planning and budgeting for your pursuit of a law degree. By examining all potential expenses and exploring alternatives like fee waivers and affordable test preparation, the LSAT can become a financially manageable step in your journey towards a legal profession.

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